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III-International Conference on Scientific Research
April 21-23, 2023 / Baku
Odlar Yurdu University


The real name of Ahi Evran, who is considered the founder of the Ahi organization in Anatolia and the master of 32 tradesmen, is Mahmud. He was called Mahmud bin Ahmed al-Hoyî (Mahmud, son of Hoylu Ahmet) after his father's name and place of birth. It is stated that this virtuous scholar and mystic, Ahi Piri, the founder of the Ahi Organization, which is based on brotherhood, generosity, bravery, self-sacrifice, honesty, quality, production, morality, art, reason and science, was martyred at the age of 93 while fighting against the Mongols. is being done. 1261 (H.653). His grave is next to the mosque named after him in Kırşehir.


In order to understand the institution of Ahism and to reveal how it functions in social life, first of all, it is necessary to focus on the origin of the word Ahi and the meanings it has gained in historical development. Ahilik means "my brother" in Arabic or "akı" in Turkish (in Divan'ül Lügat'it Türk), "generous", "open-handed". As a term, XVIII. Even though it turned into a tradesman-artist union after the XIII century. It can be described as a system with religious, social, cultural, economic and political dimensions that started to be seen in Anatolia since the 19th century and played a major role in the nationalization of Anatolia and the establishment of the Ottoman State.

In Ahilik, Half Of Ethics Is Based On Spirituality And The Other Half Is Based On Materials (Work). There Is No Ethics Without Work.

It Is The Union Of Good People, Who Love The State Of Ahi And All People, Strong, Caring, Working, Lots Of Bread And Open Tables.

Ahilik Presents Working To Not Need Others.

It Is From Us, Who Committed To Us By Being Patient With The Right, It Is From Us Who Worked With Mind And Ethics

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Deadline for Submission of Abstracts

APRIL 1, 2023
Announcement of the Program

APRIL 5, 2023


APRIL 21, 2023

Deadline for Submitting Full Texts

MAY 1, 2023

Publication of Congress Book:

MAY 30, 2023


Ahi Evran International Scientific Research Conference, the first of which was held on 30 November, 1-2 December 2021 with 260 International and 257 Turkish totally 517 participants, is being held for the second time this year, hosted by Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, between 21-23 October 2022.

The conference is being organized in honour of the Turkish philosopher Ahi Evran jointly with Kırsehir Ahi Evran University ( and the Institute of Economic Development and Social Research (

We have invited the world’s leading scientists, researchers, and scholars to present their research, to share their knowledge and new ideas as well as to discuss current development in the various fields of science, such as health, education, social sciences and technology. In addition, the conference also offers opportunities for academics and industry experts to meet and interact with local and international participants. The conference program will cover the most significant subjects in all disciplines. Sessions will be arranged by disciplines.

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